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  • @jshreiner76 can't let a day like today go by without making reference to what it represents. #HappyBirthdayShakespeare
  • @The_Globe #HappyBirthdayShakespeare Can't wait to return in September!
  • It's not every day you get to recite "To be or not to be" on stage @The_Globe Thanks for that surreal experience! #happybirthdayshakespeare
  • Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt thou the sun doth move, but never doubt my obsession with Shakespeare. #happybirthdayshakespeare

One of our founding members is releasing a new book today.

Paul Edmondson is Head of Research for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and has just produced a new book called Shakespeare: Ideas in Profile. In it we get a wide sense of Shakespeare's life in Stratford-upon-Avon and London, and delve into his rich language and astonishing legacy. Packed with theatrical and creative insights, Paul's new book guides us through the most important questions around Shakespeare and shows us why he fully deserves his reputation and fame. The publishers Profile have kindly made available some of the splendid animations that the award-winning studio Cognitive have made as chapter synopses for the book, along with voice-overs by Paul himself. We hope you enjoy watching and sharing these. You can purchase a copy of Shakespeare: Ideas in Profile by Paul Edmondson by clicking here.


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